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All about you massage and wellness is pleased to introduce Louise Van Arnam

My name is Louise Van Arnam and I have been a member of the Olds community for the past 5 years and I am a mother of 3 children, 2 who have left home, and my youngest, a preteen who attends school here in our community.

My education includes:

*Clinical Hypnotherapy – ARCH Canada certified and registered.

*NLP Master Practitioner – NFNLP Registered.

*Trauma informed Client Care – level 1 & 2

I have 2 areas of focus for my practice, the first being Traumatic Stress and PTSD in men, and the second being the stress and anxiety with our youth.

Men still struggle with the stigma of mental health and seeking any sort of help or assistance in dealing with the stresses of day to day life. Men have been programmed from such a young age to be machines and to suppress feelings and emotions, big boys don’t cry right!!

Things like divorce, financial set back, grief, loss, stress or depression all affect men in different ways and hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help men navigate through these tough times. The reason Hypnotherapy works so well for men, is that you don’t have to talk about “stuff”, all you need is the willingness to want to change things.

Our youth and young adults today are overwhelmed with stress and confusion. If its not enough that they are trying to understand the changes going on within their bodies, they are trying to cope with:

Bullying, self esteem, changes in life, loss, grief, divorce, social interactions, cyber bullying, access to substances, all while trying to maintain school grades and focus on their future. It no wonder why substance addictions, cutting, or even suicide is on the rise with our youth.

I offer a complimentary consultation with all clients so that we, together, can discuss the type of service I could provide for you. During this consultation we would identify how many sessions would be required and the payment options associated with this service.

Please know that my services would require a commitment on a minimum 3 – 4 sessions, I do not see clients for just 1 session, unless circumstances are discussed prior to an intake.


Monday 9 - 4 and Saturday 9 - 2

all about u massage and wellness is pleased to welcome Cindy Grainger

Cindy was raised on a ranch in Southern British Columbia, where her passion for horses and the sport of Barrel Racing were born. Cindy became an avid competitor in the Rodeo/Barrel Racing world at a very young age which still follows her today.

Cindy moved to Alberta shortly after graduating from High School and now resides between Sundre and Olds where she is raising her three boys.

Prior to becoming a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cindy took several Equine Therapy related courses including Equine Kinesiology, Massage and non-invasive Chiropractics. It was through some of these courses that she ultimately discovered the healing potential of Acupuncture.

Cindy graduated in 2014 from CITCM in Calgary, obtaining her Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM). In 2018, Cindy also completed her Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) from world renowned Matt Collison in San Diego.

Being a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist and Sports Medicine Acupuncture Specialist, Cindy demonstrates knowledge of a wide array of both Eastern (TCM natural therapies) and Western (Orthopaedics and Manual Muscle testing) modalities to offer a well-rounded treatment plan that is as unique as the individual.

Cindy specializes in treating acute and chronic pain disorders. She also enjoys helping those with fertility, headaches, digestive disorders, female issues, energy, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and insomnia (just to name a few).

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That’s why we are here! Our Educators & the information available can help you decide where to begin. Give us a shout to learn more.

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